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Patient Assistance Programs for Healthcare Providers - Account Benefits
By setting up a FREE account with RxHope, we can help you to:

- Minimize paperwork

- Expedite the patient assistance process

- Track your orders from start to finish

- Keep your patients organized

Plus, your account is:

- Accessible 24x7 for online ordering

- Completely cost free for you and your patients

- HIPAA compliant

We make sure that you and your patients' personal information is secure:

All communication between the user and RxHope is encrypted to the maximum strength supported by browser using TLS or SSL (security). Our public web servers are certified by Network Solutions, a public Certificate Authority, ensuring that patients and healthcare providers alike can have confidence that nobody can impersonate RxHope to obtain confidential information.

All external communication with RxHope is encapsulated by our own encrypted and digitally-signed protocal; which uses a combination of standard methods such as PGP, and 28K bit encryption to ensure that the information passed is secure and tamper-proof.