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Phone : 800-489-5119
> This program is for healthcare professionals only. Patient eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis. Income requirements for this program have not been disclosed. The medication must be medically necessary as determined by a doctor. The patient must be treated by a US licensed healthcare professional.
Who Can Apply
> Patients can enroll online.
> Doctors must enroll in the program. Patients must inform their doctor that they are in need.
> Up to a 30 day supply.
Ship To
> Not specified
> Resources for HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ONLY. The Physician must register to access tools and materials for patient support, product sample requests, up-to-date professional resources, and other Merck professional sites.
Includes Support for This Drug
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Asmanex HFA aerosol; inhalation
Asmanex Twisthaler Inhalation Powder
Belsomra tablet
Dulera aerosol; inhalation
Emend capsule
Emend injection
Follistim AQ Cartridge injection; subcutaneous
Grastek tablet; sublingual
Isentress tablet
Janumet tablet
Janumet XR tablet; extended release
Nexplanon implant
Noxafil tablet; delayed release
Nuvaring vaginal ring
Proventil HFA aerosol; inhalation
Ragwitek tablet; sublingual
Vytorin tablet
Zetia tablet
Zontivity tablet